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Gum tissue is an integral part of our oral health. It supports our jawbone and teeth and contributes to a beautiful smile. However, there are some cases where strategic removal of gingival tissue can be used to improve the health or appearance of our smile. The procedure used to remove gum tissue is known as a gingivectomy, and it’s one of the services we provide at Wyngate Dental of Bethesda. 

Gingivectomy: When They Help, And What To Expect

A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove excess or unhealthy gum tissue. While this procedure can be performed purely for cosmetic reasons, several health conditions may benefit from this treatment. Gum recession can be treated using a gingivectomy caused by gum injury, bacterial infections, aging, or gingivitis. While removing tissue in these cases may seem counterintuitive, eliminating the existing unhealthy tissue can preserve the health of that which remains. 

Gum disease, in particular, is known for creating openings near the roots of the teeth. When these openings are present, it’s common for bacteria, plaque, and tartar to build up in the space created. This build-up can promote tooth decay and lead to further damage. Removing the infected gum tissue can prevent it from advancing.

Gingivectomies are typically completed within a single visit. However, in cases where multiple areas need to be treated, multiple visits may be necessary to permit healing between treatments. Overall the procedure generally takes between thirty minutes and an hour per visit.

Learn More About Gingivectomies With Our Team

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