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When teeth become chipped, damaged, or stained, it’s common to feel embarrassed by their appearance. In cases with multiple minor imperfections, veneers can be the answer to handle all of them at once. Veneers are a special type of cosmetic dentistry that applies a thin restorative cap over your existing teeth to restore and conceal dental imperfections. Under the guidance of Dr. Taylor Cole, the Wyngate Dental of Bethesda team uses the latest veneer technology and materials to restore your beautiful smile. 

How Veneers Can Restore Your Perfect Smile

These restorations can improve the appearance of your smile by concealing the imperfections that keep you from smiling freely. They’re a thin layer of resilient material that is bonded with the teeth to address one or more minor imperfections. Using this approach, Dr. Cole can improve several facets of your smile, resulting in a smile that looks brand new. Whether you suffer from dental gapping, have experienced trauma in the form of chipping or cracking, or have stubborn dental staining that regular whitening treatments can’t address, veneers can help.

The first stage of getting dental veneers is a consultation with Dr. Taylor Cole. During your visit, they’ll assess the current state of your oral cavity and identify any dental health concerns that need to be addressed. They’ll identify imperfections that would benefit from receiving veneers and provide you with a detailed treatment approach involving veneers. If you opt to get veneers, they’ll schedule your first appointment. The complete procedure typically requires two visits and involves the following steps:

  • Preparation and Moulding: Dr. Cole will start by cleaning the surface of your teeth. Once that’s completed, a thin layer of enamel will be removed to prepare for the veneer placement. An impression of your smile will then be taken and sent off to a dental lab for fabrication.

  • Temporary Setting: While you wait for your completed veneer to be returned from the dental lab, a temporary one will be placed. This will help to protect your teeth from becoming damaged or decayed until the permanent veneer is ready. You will then have a second appointment scheduled once the final restoration is complete.

  • Bonding and Cement: Your second appointment will begin with removing the temporary veneer. The permanent veneer will then be set in place and checked for a proper fit, after which any final adjustments will be completed. Once satisfied, Dr. Cole will cement the permanent restoration using a special light that speeds the curing (hardening) process.

Get Veneers From Wyngate Dental of Bethesda in Bethesda, MD

Our team is ready to receive you and help you take steps to restore your beautiful smile. If you think veneers are a viable option for you, contact our office by calling 301-530-8008. You can also visit our location at 5648 Shields Drive, Bethesda, MD, to meet the team and tour the clinic. Don’t let minor imperfections to your smile stop you from getting treatment! Contact us today and experience a beautifully restored smile in just two visits!