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Whether it’s a child participating in school sports, or an adult living an active lifestyle, a sports guard can provide significant protection. Dental injuries are a frequent consequence of sports and other active lifestyle habits. This makes wearing a protective mouthguard essential for preserving the health of your jaw, teeth, and gums. Wyngate Dental of Bethesda provides sports guard as part of our dedication to full dental care.

How Sports Guards Protect Your Smile While You Stay Active

Living an active lifestyle is one of the most crucial things we can do to ensure we experience lifelong health. Along the way, however, we must take steps to protect our smile from the injuries that often accompany it. Some examples of the injuries commonly sustained by those engaging in sports or other activities include gum tissue injuries, tooth fractures, displacements, concussions, and injuries impacting the temporomandibular joint. Investing in a sports guard is a great way to avoid all these consequences while keeping your smile looking great.

Wyngate Dental of Bethesda provides access to custom-fitted mouthguards that are specifically designed to fit your teeth. Custom-fitted sports guards provide the best protection for our teeth due to being specifically fit to the shape of our mouths and teeth. However, other forms of mouthguards are available to fit your financial reality. 

The most common examples of sports guards include:

  • Stock Athletic Mouthguard: These guards are a one-size fits all style design and are commonly available from any sporting goods store. The protection they provide is minimal and imperfect, but they’re notably better than no protection at all. However, their imperfect fit can contribute to gum and tooth damage, making them a sub-optimal solution.

  • Boil and Bite Mouthguard: These guards are a good middle ground between stock and custom ones. They’re made of a heat-responsive material that becomes soft and malleable when boiled. Once softened, you simply bite down on them to form fit them to your teeth. They’re notably better than stock mouthguards and are better at staying in place. However, like stock mouthguards, they offer imperfect protection and are minimally effective for protecting from concussions.

  • Custom-Fitted Mouthguard: If staying active is a significant part of your lifestyle, it’s worth investing in a custom-fitted mouthguard. While they come at a higher price point than the other styles, they perfectly fit your oral structures. They’re so effective that they’re the only style rated to protect against facial concussions.

Discover Custom Mouthguards From Wyngate Dental of Bethesda

Call our office today if you’ve determined that a custom mouthguard can be a valuable addition to your dental care. We’ll schedule you for a consultation and fitting, where you’ll be measured for a new custom sports guard. You can contact us at 301-530-8008 to arrange your visit or stop by our office at 5648 Shields Drive, Bethesda, MD, to meet the team and enjoy a clinic tour. We look forward to being the dental care provider you trust with your family’s oral health for years to come.