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Of all the innovations used to restore smiles and address decay, crowns and bridges are among the most common. They’re such an effective method of treating missing teeth that they’ve been used for centuries. These important restorations can restore and preserve teeth that have experienced significant decay or damage. Dental bridges replace teeth that have been extracted or knocked out, filling the gaps in our smile. At Wyngate Dental of Bethesda, we’re dedicated to restoring smiles for our patients in Bethesda, MD, and the surrounding areas.

Discover How Crowns And Bridges Restore Dental Health

Decay and dental trauma can cause significant amounts of damage to our enamel. When enamel has been destroyed, it can’t naturally be restored. While minor damage can often be addressed using a filling, this isn’t possible when the damage becomes extensive or when a tooth is completely lost. This is where dental bridges come in. These two approaches provide restoration options that can create a beautiful smile after extensive dental damage.

  • Crowns: This type of restoration is perfect for restoring a tooth that has experienced significant damage to the part of the tooth visible above the gumline. Most of the remaining tooth will be removed to create a mounting point, or abutment, for the crown. The dental crown will be created using ceramic, composite resin, metal, or a combination of these materials. The final choice will be based on the advice of Dr. Taylor Cole and the desires of the patient. A crown can create a nearly indistinguishable restoration from your natural teeth when completed.

  • Bridges: While dental bridges were technically invented first, nearly 3500 years ago, in Ancient Egypt, modern bridges are notably different. The original dental bridge used silver and gold wire to support a replacement tooth between two teeth adjacent to one that had been knocked out. Modern bridges use dental crowns as mounting points, with a connected prosthetic tooth known as a pontic between them.

The steps involved in preparing to get either of these restorations are quite similar. It begins with removing any existing decay and preparing an impression that will be used in creating your restoration. This impression will be sent to a dental lab to manufacture the crown or bridge. You’ll be fitted with a temporary restoration until your permanent one arrives. Upon arrival, you’ll be scheduled for a second appointment where the temporary crown or bridge will be removed and the permanent one affixed in place.

Contact Wyngate Dental of Bethesda for Crowns And Bridges

It begins with a visit to our office in Bethesda, MD, for a consultation with Dr. Taylor Cole. You’ll undergo a dental exam during this consultation to assess your oral health. If it’s determined you can benefit from a crown or bridge, your next visit will be scheduled. Don’t let dental damage prevent you from having a smile you can be proud of. Start by calling 301-530-8008 to schedule your first appointment to restore your smile with the team at Wyngate Dental of Bethesda!