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Implant Retained Dentures

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Dentures have been a standard part of dentistry for centuries, though they have advanced over time. Some of the earliest forms were created from wood, with others using animal or even human teeth to restore the smile. Modern dentures utilize materials that are durable and provide outstanding results for wearers. Our smile is an essential part of how we engage with the world. The Wyngate Dental of Bethesda team is dedicated to helping patients like you restore their smiles and gain all the benefits dentures can provide. One step we’ve taken in that direction is introducing implant-supported dentures in our clinic.

The Incredible Benefits Of Implant-Supported Dentures 

When most people hear the term “dentures,” their minds are immediately drawn to a vaguely ominous glass sitting on their grandparent’s nightstand. While this form of denture has been a mainstay of restoration dentistry, innovations in denture technology have provided new options. Implant-retained dentures represent a modern take on traditional dentures. They introduce the use of titanium implants inserted into the jaw as support points for dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, these are securely held in place during wear by clipping to these mounting points. 

However, they retain the ability to be easily maintained. The wearer can remove these dentures by unclipping them from these mounts, making them easy to clean and check for damage. Another benefit they offer over traditional dentures is the ability to retain and even strengthen bone material in your jaw. The titanium mounts used to hold the dentures in place stimulate the growth of bone, eventually integrating with the bone. Additionally, it’s not as necessary to avoid certain foods with implant-retained dentures. They are firmly held in place by the clips and won’t be disturbed by chewy foods in the same way as traditional dentures.

There are two forms of implant-supported dentures currently in use:

  • Bar Supported Dentures – This style uses a bar that runs parallel to the gums as their mounting point. This bar is secured to the dental implants and provides ample support to the dentures during use.

  • Ball-Supported Dentures – Each implant is topped with a round titanium ball that matches a mounting port on the bottom of the denture. Placing and removing the dentures is as easy as snapping them on or off of these ports.

Caring for implant-retained dentures is straightforward. You simply unclip them from their mounting point and clean them using a gentle denture gel. Due to the way, they’re mounted onto the bar or ball; they can safely be worn throughout the night. There’s no need to retain a glass jar on your nightstand to soak them in throughout the night. You’re also significantly less likely to have embarrassing mishaps involving the denture popping out while eating or speaking.

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