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Enamel is the single most durable substance found in the human body. Despite its durability, it’s still subject to damage, decay, and discoloration. We will all experience some gradual color changes in our teeth as we age. However, disease, food and beverage choices and tobacco use are greater contributors to dental staining. The prevalence of dental staining has made dental whitening one of the most sought-after procedures in dentistry today. Wyngate Dental of Bethesda provides exceptional professional dental whitening services at our clinic.

Bring Back The Sparkle With Dental Whitening

The majority of dental whitening solutions involve the application of a peroxide-based solution to the enamel. This solution effectively breaks up the protein stains that can build up in our enamel. There are numerous over-the-counter approaches to dental whitening, but none are as effective as the care Dr. Taylor Cole can provide here at Wyngate Dental of Bethesda.

Our techniques involve special equipment and more robust peroxide solutions than those available over the counter. These solutions have to be used under the care of a trained specialist like those on our team. When paired with a special curing light, these solutions produce lighter shades faster than is possible with over-the-counter solutions.

Unfortunately, not all staining can be addressed using these peroxide solutions. Some types of dental stains require alternative treatments to produce meaningful results. The three types of dental staining are:

  • Extrinsic Staining – This type of stain occurs within the dental enamel and is often the result of smoking, poor oral hygiene, and darkly colored foods and beverages. Tobacco is the most frequent cause of this kind of stain. This type of stain can be effectively treated with the peroxide solutions mentioned above.

  • Intrinsic Staining – Beneath the enamel layer is a porous material called dentin. Stains within this layer cannot be treated using peroxide solutions. In cases like these, the most effective treatments are veneers or cosmetic bonding, also available at our office.

  • Age-Related Staining – Our teeth can naturally change color over the years due to aging. The underlying cause is often the death of the pulp within our teeth, though Vitamin D or calcium deficiencies can exacerbate this discoloration. This type of staining must be addressed using veneers or cosmetic bonding.

The vast majority of dental discoloration seen at our clinic can be addressed using our in-house whitening system. Dr. Cole and the Wyngate Dental of Bethesda team have helped hundreds of patients restore the bright white sparkle to their smiles. You may receive take-home trays with specific instructions on using them safely in certain circumstances. Should this apply to you, it’s crucial that you follow the directions precisely to ensure the safe treatment of your teeth.

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A beautiful, sparkling smile is important for more than just our self-confidence. An eye-catching smile has been shown to influence our social lives and even help us in our careers. If you’re ready to eliminate the embarrassment of dental staining, call us at 301-530-8008 or drop by our offices at 5648 Shields Drive, Bethesda, MD.